Erik Arndt's Creativity Portfolio

I am a jack of all trades.  Instead of excelling in one particular area, I thrive in the intersections of multiple skills or knowledge sets.

All creative skills featured on this site are self-taught.  I studied engineering in college because I'm good at identifying patterns and am driven by opportunities to solve problems, or even to make something good better still.  In the past decade, I've embraced more of my creative nature and love to incorporate creativity into engineering, teaching, or whatever else I'm doing.
Check out my educational business Insights to English to see my skills in action.  I designed the website, developed the methods, and produce the videos (the scripting, composition, voice-over, audio recording, motion graphics, and editing are all me).
I'm currently seeking other opportunities to express and grow my creative skills.  Contact me if you think I would be a good fit for your project or organization.

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